Monday, 31 December 2012

Pic'N'Mix with the Business Owners of this Candy Store

Is it me...or is the lass modelling at the Sugar Cane sweet shop that girl made of candy that Robbie Williams sings about in the lyrics to his new song? Whilst the lollipops and handmade candy canes look enticing enough alone, I try my best not to go marshmallow, it's personal preference I guess...a bit like the difference peanut butter munchers and marmite masticators. The two don't mix. Fill my boots with novelty bonbons and olde worldy English style sweets just keep me away from the typical American candy....I can't forgive them for wrecking chocolate! (Only joking, this blog is created in good taste). Interested to find out the sugar substitute for these though: and how does one become part of the candy shop franchise exactly? This sounds like a great opportunity for any catering / distributing startup in other counties of the UK. How do you find out if it's a grab bag of treats, or whether it's good to Pic'n'Mix? I guess you have to get in contact here somehow to find out!


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