Friday, 28 October 2011

Identifying Vegan Wine

It is not always easy to find proper vegan wine as many people that produce wine, tend to use animal products of one sort or another. Animal fats are used as aids for processing during filtration and help to remove any impurities from the wine. The most commonly used animal products in wine making are gelatine, egg whites and milk protein. Vegan wine on the other hand consists of fermented grapes and no animal products are used in its production. Not all wine producers use animal fats in the wine making process, which means there are many different types of wine that are suitable for vegans. Minerals such as Bentomite and kaplin may be used during the filtration process rather than animal fats.

Along with vegan wines there are also a number of champagnes that are also suitable for vegans. Some wines are suitable for vegetarians but not for vegans as they are processed using egg whites, which are animal by products. Organic wines may not necessarily be suitable for vegans as some of them will have been processed using animal by products.  Not all wines that are suitable for vegans are labelled as vegan wine, in the UK wine may labelled as suitable for vegetarians, but that does not mean that it is vegan wine.

A major problem for anyone who is looking for vegan wines is that most wines do not contain a complete list of ingredients. In Europe, it is in fact, against the law to list the ingredients on a bottle of wine. The best place to look for wine that’s suitable for vegans is to get a copy of the vegan wine guide.

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