Friday, 28 October 2011

Toffeln Shoes, When You’re on Your Feet All Day

Whether you have a catering business or you are involved in the healthcare arena, Toffeln shoes are designed to make life more comfortable in the workplace. If your staff spend most of their working day on their feet, then comfort and adaptability are a must. When you purchase Toffeln footwear for your staff you can rest assured that they will last as each pair comes with a twelve to eighteen months’ guarantee. You need comfortable, supportive and affordable footwear if you want to keep a smile on the faces of your staff.

Toffeln shoes are designed for the specific purpose of providing the support that is needed along with all day comfort.  Shoes are designed for both professional and everyday purposes and are available in a range of soft leathers. When you need shoes that are designed to stand up to the rigours of the workplace each day, but that still feel soft on the feet, Toffeln has the answer. The shape of the toe of a Toffeln shoe is designed to let the foot spread out naturally. When a shoe’s toe shape is too narrow it can force the foot into an unnatural and uncomfortable position.

If you are looking for a shoe that has comfort shaped footbeds, specially designed and balanced to provide the support and comfort the foot needs, Toffeln shoes are ideal. The sole of the shoes is constructed from 100% polyurethane. Large numbers of tiny air pockets in the sole offer increased flexibility and cushion walking. Shoes are made to fit a wide variety of foot shapes, from narrow to extra wide Toffeln shoes help to eliminate static when you walk, which has been found to ease stress.

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